Sunday, October 23, 2011

How about Mailing a Pumpkin?

This is a short post because I am trying to finish up my treat packages for the kids at work! Our Trick or Treat is on Tuesday and Wednesday and I still have 50 boxes to go!!

Here is an article about mailing actual pumpkins!! Take a look...its no joke! I will have to try and remember that for next year. =)


  1. LOL! How sweet is that? Going to print and take to my favorite post office. Maybe they won't give me grief when I try to mail silly things. I still have the Halloween drinking cups.

    Thanks, Misty.

  2. Hi, Misty!
    Thanks for entering my stationery giveaway! I LOVE your blog - and I am a total pen thief too! I never mean to, but somehow I always seem to wind up with every pen known to mankind in my desk or purses... :)

    See you at the mailbox!

    Jenny @ The Modest Peacock

  3. Have fun with the trick-or-treating at work. I'm sure the kids will love your cute surprises for them!

  4. wow sending a pumpkin , i saw weird thing to mail , but this ........

    great blog

    grt Roos (a newbie at letter-blog)

  5. Limner- I think I am definitely trying this next year. Until then I will try to find something Thanksgiving or fall related to mail. I like to make the USPS Smile!

    Jenny- I am glad to hear that I am not the only pen thief! Sometimes they seem to grow legs and tag along don't they?

    Maria- Thank you!! I will try to snap a few pics too.

    Roos- Thank you for stopping by. I wish you well in your blog writing. I will be stopping by to see how it goes! :)