Monday, October 10, 2011

Make a Postal Worker Smile

Here in the United States the USPS is changing in big ways. Letter writing and sending REAL mail is down, which mean the postal service is now at a huge loss. Which is why I thought today I would post about something that could make a postal worker smile.

How about sending odd object through the mail without putting them in a box?? If I were a letter carrier, I would totally smile when I saw these objects. Then I might wonder what on earth was going on. Haha.

All of those items have been sent to me over the last couple months. There are probably others that aren't pictured. Some items have been moved into a trunk of mine and therefore..I didn't dig them up.

But if you are looking to send objects, here is a really helpful list of some really easy ones.
-Rubber Ducks
-Plastic Eggs
-Plastic ball
-Flip Flops
-Letter in a Bottle

Now mind you those aren't all the things you can mail, but they are neat ideas right? Most of those items can be mailed for $1.71, however, you may want to double check that at the post office.

AND if you aren't in the mood to send some odd objects how about doing like Emilie did on her mail?

If you have any awesome ideas about weird objects to mail, I would love to hear about it..Or even see it if you are so inclined. I already mailed out an odd object to one lucky reader. Will you be next?


  1. I like your ideas. So far, I've mailed plastic egg, a letter (& a pen) in a bottle, a fan (my avatar) & a plastic salad plate (that's the one that the clerks at my post office liked best). Now I'm trying to figure out how to mail a small plastic pumpkin with some candy in it. Since they don't have lids I'm not sure how to make my own to keep the candy inside. :-\

  2. Hmm...could you make one using a piece of paper or cardboard that fits inside the hole and then placing packing tape over that to make sure it is secure? The cardboard would keep the tape from sticking to the candies you put inside. Please let us know if you figure it out!

  3. Omg I love this! I always wondered what kinds of objects you could send through the mail! I have idea now! I am going to mail my next letter in a bottle! ...I'm so excited. ha ha. .Thanks for posting your pictures!(:

  4. Katie- You are most welcome. Really there are TONS of things you can mail without wrapping or placing them into a box. How do I figure out if they are mailable?? Well...I walk my happy little tail up to the counter in the post office..put on my cutest smile and then say..."Can I mail this?" So far I haven't been turned down. (Don't tell anyone, but I mailed plastic skulls just today!)

  5. I tried sending a box piggybacked to a plastic tube and the clerk wouldn't take it. I had to buy a large envelope. You guys get away with so much. :(

    LOL, Misty. Your smile, blue eyes, and happy tail work magic. I have to deal with some hard core Mail Mamas. The men are always easy. :)

  6. That stinks that they restricted it. Sometimes I wonder if they really know if it can be mailed. I have heard stories of people trying to mail odd objects that have trouble. but others seem to get away with it.

    And yes, men are usually easier than women. Haha

  7. Hi Misty - just an FYI update re my Jack-o-lantern mail. I ended up simply cutting out a piece of orange paper to "hide" the candy/tea and used lots of tape to secure that as well as the mailing labels since it turned out that they wouldn't stick to the plastic pumpkins & cauldron without a little help. :D Still waiting to hear if they made it to their destinations safely.
    ~ Jan

  8. Jan- Thanks for the update!! I see in your profile picture that they looked nice. That is awesome! I am always happy to see more "happy mail" going out.