Saturday, October 8, 2011

Covered Bridge Capital of Ohio

After mentioning it a few times and finally putting it on the calendar Brad and I took an adventure to see the covered bridges of Ashtabula County. Ashtabula County is in Northeast Ohio and is home to 18 covered bridges, including the United States longest (613ft long) and the shortest (18ft long).

I saw a place on TV that I decided we should eat. And so...

We did! This diner was really quaint and everything was fresh and homemade.
We sat down and while waiting for our food to come we plotted out the trip we would take. Doing the whole tour of 18 would mean driving around 160 miles. And we definitely did not have time for that. So we skipped 10 of them, but the ones we were going to see were beautiful.
Then our food came! Look at that burger! It is called the wimpy burger and weighs approx. 1lb before adding any of the toppings. (I got cheese on mine)
Of course I started strong eating that first section in what seemed like a few minutes.
Then upon finishing my second wedge, I realized there was no way I would finish the whole thing. This half pictured above is still currently in my fridge. =)
This was by far my favorite picture of the bridges that I took. This was the second one we stopped at and by far one of the more rickety ones we saw. But all in all it was still neat.
This is a shot of the inside of the one pictured above. I decided to just share one of the bridges because well...these pics turned out the best!
I kept trying to frame things through the sides of the bridges. I think this was the best shot that I took like that.
I also kept taking Brad's picture, though silhouetted. I like this one. =)

All in all it was a great day. I spent time with Brad, without the nagging of cell phones or internet (we had no service for most of the trip). We decided that perhaps next year we will make the trip to see the other covered bridges in Ashtabula. So perhaps in the spring you will see another post similar to this. =)

**To anyone interested in the Swap-bot group. I will be creating it sometime in the next few days and then posting the information here. So keep an eye out! If you sent me a message on SB I will be sure to message you and let you know that I have created it.**

Have a great rest of your weekend!!


  1. I got really excited about the Jefferson Diner, because there's a diner by the same name in a neighboring town near me...which was featured on the food network! (I never actually saw the episode of "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" but there is a gigantic sign outside "my" Jefferson Diner, exclaiming its fame for all to see.)
    TWO Jefferson Diners made it to TV fame!

    Also, I've never seen a burger that big!

  2. Your photos make me homesick!!! Fall in Ohio is beautiful!!!

  3. The only covered bridge I ever saw was in Ohio...well, actually we saw two of them, but one had been moved and was just lying on the ground somewhere. I would love to take your tour!

  4. Chewy- That is awesome!! I promise if ever I visit that way, I will have to stop by THAT Jefferson Diner. Haha. The burger was huge! I swear I am shocked that I was even able to think of food the next day.

    Stuff- Fall is wonderful here! I will probably post a few more pics before the snow comes, so be on the lookout. Though I am sorry they make you feel homesick. =(

    Bev- They are so beautiful. Although, to be honest I wasn't as impressed by the longest one. Probably because it was made with steel and wood instead of wooden pegs like the old ones.

  5. Oh, my. I've been here three times and each time I feel the same way. You have some great shots. I like bridges too. I'll have to dig out the last shots I have of our little dinky one that crosses Sandy Creek in my hometown. LOL. I used to be so afraid to walk across 'cause I could see the water thru the cracks. All those minnows!

    Misty, you make my days brighter. Thank you. Hope you are well soon. Take care. Be well.

  6. Haha. I was trying to take pictures of the cracks in one bridge but Brad said there was a car coming (and it was only one lane). Needless to say there was no car, and I didn't go back in to take my pictures. I only remembered when you mentioned that. There is always next time. =)