Saturday, October 29, 2011

Large Mail Art

Guess who got some special mail art today...ME! I promise to share pictures but until then...I am pouring over it and trying to figure out how I will ever be able to top this!

Take some time to write a letter to someone special today. I know I am going to. =)


  1. YOU WON MY GIVEAWAY!!! I'll be mailing it to you on Thursday!!! Happy Mailbox, coming up! :) :) :)

  2. Your are getting lots of good mail, a Bat!!
    I'll send a postcard to Hunter in FL for his class project.

  3. PS- I had also sent you a postcard on Thursday, but the silly post office machine tried to nom it and it got sent back to me yesterday. Boo. So I will include it with your package this coming week! :)

  4. Jenny- Thanks! I just left you a comment over at your blog. I will be sure to post your blog on mine when the cards arrive. =) Good publicity.

    Jill- I am getting good mail! I hope everything is going well with you! I sent out one to Hunter as well. I am happy to hear so many of your readers are doing so. =)

  5. You don't have to, but it would be greatly appreciated! :) I'm headed over to check out that project for the students. See you at the mailbox soon. :)