Saturday, October 15, 2011

Its a Great Day to be Creative..

With leaves!

Remember the rubbings that we would do when we were little? You place a piece of paper over a fallen leaf and rub it with a crayon? Did you know you can do that on fabric??

This is the proof!
You simply iron a piece of fabric (we used white) and then place you leaf under the fabric as you would with paper. Then carefully rub the crayon (we prefer crayola, but you can use whatever you would like) over the leaf.
If you are really awesome (like my mother) you can do a two or even three toned leaf design. She is going to make something neat with our rubbings. I could feel her creative wheel turning.

She said the inspiration for this project came from me telling her that Limner misses the falling leaves. =) If you haven't already you need to click her name and check out her blog. She it too cool for words!


  1. Hallo, Misty!

    Ooh, that is awesome! I'm in a creative mood as I'm about to start working on collages for the first time in absolute ages, and I wish I was up there to score some leaves! I wonder if I could use the collage leaves to get a rubbing on paper!? I have a 'unique' tree (here I am forgetful the type!) outside that grants us brilliant shade year round but the leaves that drop aren't the kinds that your sporting in this post. When we came home I knew one of the leaves looked "chucked" at me, and sure enough, a juv squirel was cheekily happy with himself for 'nearly hitting me on the head!' with his 'leaf!'... the stories I could tell! (laughs) Hmm... so, yes, back to your post, do you think a faux leaf would work too!?

    I'm soo thrilled to be creative again during a wicked keen season such as Autumn! Ooh, from Halloween, pumpkins, leaves, amber & reds, graves + angels, to all the other inter-related themes you can come up with, its a collage artists dream season! (next to Thanksgiving + Christmas!)

    I have a new stamp I never had time to use from a few seasons back, which uses black glitter that I am literally itching to try out too! :) Won't spoilt the surprise because I'm using it on something I'm sending you! *shh!* It has elements of the Victorian age which is quite literally one of my favourites to collage!

    My, oh my, am I chatty! Brilliant post! Thanks for the continued inspiration! Ooh, did I tell you the 'pen thief' in my family is a cheeky tailed tabby?

    creative bliss to you,
    your sunshine friend!

  2. Ohmygoodness! How awesome. We even do headstone rubbings for genealogy. And, yes, I loved doing leaves when I was in grade school. :) See? You give me such lovely memory pokes.

    Your mom is something else. :) Her quilted postcard is still on my cork board. :) Those who see it, run their fingers over it, turn it over, and wonder how she did it. I might have to put it in a baggie to protect it against the natural oils from their skin.

    Aw gee, Misty, you say the kindest things. I'm beginning to wish I were half as cool as you seem to think I am. LOL. I'd be something else if it were true.

    I am going to try using a fig leaf and an okra leaf for my own rubbing. If JC will follow my instructions, that is. :D

    Thank you, Misty's mom, for a lovely, fun idea.

  3. You two are the best! Comments like these are the reasons I stick with this blog. It is nice to know that people out there actually read and more importantly LIKE the topics!

    These rubbings are too cool. I cannot wait to see what my crafty mother does with the fabric we decorated.

    I will be seeing both of you in the mail! =)