Thursday, October 27, 2011

Postcards To A Good Cause

I copied the following from Bev Sykes' blog The PenPal Project. If you haven't..stop by and have a look at her site. Then send a postcard to the address listed below. =)

"His school is collecting postcards from around the country and around the world for their diversity/international day in the early spring.

It doesn’t matter if they get multiples from each state, they're just trying to rock the class's world with the amount that Hunter can bring in!

So, if you wouldn’t mind sending a postcard to him, that would be great, I know we have people EVERYWHERE!

Before taking them in to the school Kelly plans to put them all out together and take a picture, she says she’ll be sure to share the picture when they’re done. There is no set deadline, but she's thinking if you can do it between now and the end of November that would be best.

Hunter Johnson
8443 Sand Point Drive West
Jacksonville, FL 32244

Feel free to share his address with any friends and family you may have in other parts of the world as well, the more the merrier!"


  1. Count me in. Now all I have to do is find my Texas postcards. :) Too bad my many military family members are all stateside now. Not too bad! I'm glad. I meant I wish . . . Oh, never mind. :)

  2. I'll send a Pennsylvania one and Maryland!

  3. You two are awesome!! I sent one from Ohio! =)

  4. Ah ha! Now I need to go buy a local postcard! Hurray! :D

  5. Mine went out yesterday, thanks to JC. More on that later.

    Montigney, mail heading your way soon. :)