Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Random Thought

Do I seem standoffish? I have gotten two emails over the course of a few weeks from people asking if it was ok that they send me mail. Perhaps it is just a cautious email?

If I do seem cold, I promise I am very far from it. I welcome all mail, great or small.

AND to make things better...I will say this. Anyone who is interested in corresponding, and are having a hard time being the first to send something. Let me know. I'd be happy to start the ball rolling.

I make a promise in the sidebar of my blog and I take that very seriously. Everyone who writes to me will get a response back. I am definitely not a mail snob. I appreciate all the mail I have gotten and I appreciate everyone who takes time to read my little blog.

Thank you very much! =)


  1. I'm crawling out of my hole to back Misty up on this. I randomly stumbled across her blog, read every post, and sent off a letter. I was worried she had more pen pals than she knew what to do with and that she wouldn't have the time or interest in writing to me.

    Misty sent me the friendliest, warmest letter back, and was just as excited to hear from me and make a new friend.

    Side note, a tip in general for people who are interested in getting into the snail mail world. Put yourself out there. No one is going to fill your box with cool things if you aren't willing to do the same. It's a major give and take. Misty for example, sends awesome, crazy, fun things in the mail, and while yes, she is a very generous and giving person, guess isn't a one way street! I'm sure she loves receiving fun things in the mail too. If you would like to get something fun from someone, anyone, send something fun out first. You'll be surprised how quick the same kind of fun stuff starts coming your way.

    Just wanted to make that little PSA, thanks Misty for letting me use you as an example! (I've encountered too many people lately that are very "gimme gimme" and want things sent to them...not realizing you have to give it to get it...Just a friendly reminder to everyone.)

  2. Thank you Ms. Ashley! I couldn't have said it better myself! =)

  3. Misty, you're the warmest, gentlest, kindest, most thoughtful, generous, fun, interesting . . . But wait, I think some people are just being polite by asking first. Some people are shy, too. Maybe a little timid. :)

    I think I'm the scariest, unfriendliest person who loves to write letters. LOL. I'm shy, timid, boring, longwinded, weird, odd, stingy, miserly, depressed 50 days out of 367, forgetful, aging fast, repeat myself . . . I love to eavesdrop on you and Ashley. Y'all make me laugh. :)

    People, please write to Misty. I lost my seal of approval but my verbal seal works just as well. Amen.

  4. Limner- You are far from being scary! I enjoy you so very much!!! Your mail brings such smiles to my face and I am lucky to have someone like you who fills my mailbox with such cheer! =)

    I am also glad that you like to eavesdrop on us...that comment made me giggle.